Bad Pruning 

Proper pruning techniques are vital to the health and beauty of your trees. This is an example of a bad cut.

The lowest whorl of branches was too low, and by the way, not pruning off the lowest branches of lawn trees is another easily observed no-no.  Here the branches 2-3″ in diameter were just wacked off, sloppily cut off leaving a stub.

Good Pruning 

When done correctly by The Branch Manager Tree Experts, as shown in this photo, proper pruning ensures that:

  • your property value is enhanced by enriching the health of your trees;
  • all dead wood is removed, and hazards or disease sites are minimized;
  • crossing and rubbing branches are removed to maintain the structural integrity of your trees and other property structures;
  • wounds callous over naturally without the use of paints and tars;
  • better light and air penetration occurs when the canopy is thinned.

No rips, no tears, no stubs, no flush cuts… The Branch Manager Tree Experts are serious about the health and longevity of your trees.

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